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"There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"
A Letter from a Blind Slip-Lover and Bill's Responses (and a Rant)

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PANTIES: The Best Thing Next To Pussies!™

We here at LINGERIE LOVERS/PANTY ART believe that lacy, pretty, frilly lingerie is the essence of femininity. Don't misunderstand us—we like a little pink as much as the next guy (or gal), but we think that getting there is a big part of the fun! There's something about a bit of lace peeking out from under a skirt that just drives us wild! We love to see a hint of frills behind a translucent blouse, or an outlining of a bra strap to give a veiled clue as to what's underneath. The lace-trimmed legs of a tight pair of bikini panties thrill us as much as the puckered waist and legs of loose briefs, giving emphasis to the curve of a thigh or cheek. And don't you just love VPL (Visible Panty Line) under slacks or dresses?

Remember that old saying, "You don't have to be crazy to work here, but it helps"? Well, you DO have to be crazy to be here—over the top, hard core, fanatically crazy about PANTIES.

We love everything about 'em—we love the look and feel of the fabric, we love the construction details, the elastic—plain or lacy, the way the color and texture of the inside and the liner contrasts with the outside, we like 'em clean and crisp, we like 'em stained and wilted, but most of all, we like 'em on GIRLS!


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Figure Enhancement

COOKIE in padded bras, falsies; a variety of panties, great panty & pussy play. more

The Trilogy

Three April Videos at one low price: BE-3A, BE-3B and BE-3C more

Girdle Love

Starring Tiffany—Attractive Blonde in Explicit Action! Tiffany is in her bedroom getting ready for bed. She pulls off her sweatshirt and gets her sheer black baby-doll nightie with underwire cups and a red ribbon-tie front. Her jeans come off and she puts on sheer black G-string panties and goes to bed.... more

The Virgin at the Gynecologist

APRIL is lounging on her bed, dressed in a white & blue romper, killing time before her very first visit to the gynecologist. We can see the lace legs of her white briefs peeking through the legs of her romper as she idly rolls around on the bed, and a... more

Tennis With Susie

Skirt flirts on the court, bend- overs, flips, sits on ground to tie shoes, etc.; Pretty lace-on- the-seat panties, not those heavy "official " tennis ones. more

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You never forget your first!

I was born in Chicago. My father, having the sense of humor he had, took me to Texas to learn to talk. The only thing in my life that has lasted longer than my obsession with panties is my struggle to loose the Texas "twang" in my speech. I... more

Boy, Concerned Mother, Seductive Aunt

Hello Bill: Hope you and your readers enjoy my contribution. It was basically a labor of love between myself and my younger brother Frankie. Both are working on another for you. Most of what you will be receiving from the two of us is based on fact and our memories over the... more

Tina's Panty Drawer

Well, I guess the best place to start this story is to say that I am a cross dresser with a special interest in women's panties. My special interest has been a part of my life since early childhood. It was easy to acquire panties living at home... more

My Choice

About a year ago my wife found out about me wearing her panties and was pissed, very pissed. Boiling mad is more like it. It happen after I had taken a shower after work. That's when she found the pair I was wearing that day. I had forgotten... more

It's Not Fair

It always has seemed unfair to me that women have all of these wonderful things that they can wear and men have the choice of boxers or briefs. To me, panties are the embodiment of women's sexuality and I've been fascinated for years by all types of silky... more

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When Panties Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Panties

We're getting sketchy reports from the midwest about One of Ours who was "busted" at work. Here's what one of our correspondents reports: I need to alert you to a story they ran with high profile... More

Minnesota – Land of 10,000 Panties? or The Tontine

I am not making this up. Shortly after the mention in Leg Show magazine, I received a snail-mail request for the print brochure from a guy in Minnesota. In his note he casually mentioned that he has a large panty collection... More


Security Lingerie

(This is from Laura's Blog. She has graciously allowed us to reproduce it here. She earns our undying gratitude. Thank you, Laura!) A lot of toddlers carry some sort of a security item like a blanket or a favorite stuffed animal.... More

Woody's Observations

Notes from Web Prowling: Don't know if you've gone to the "Panties" private room on AOL much, but from the research I've done there, the majority of guys visiting that room (and I think that most of the females listed there... More

Van and Olga

Our resident psychologists provide an understanding perspective to your panty related questions and concerns. More


Slip-of-a-Girl gets it! Go there! (But come right back!)



A Missing Element?

I have discovered an additional element to my life-long panty fetish that I would like to share. Please understand that I am endeavoring to understand and resolve this mystery as many of you are. My first awareness of enjoying panties came at a very young age when our baby sitter was... more

The More The Merrier

Hi, I'm a 49 year old male, I have a healthy attitude towards women and as such, have been noticing them for a long time now. One thing that has occurred to me over the years, is that they seem to wear progressively less clothing as time passes, except for occasional short... more


I remember one day at Friday's when I saw Danette running her food outside to the patio area. When she would come down the steps, her black short skirt would balloon up and all of the flats people could see her white vanity fair briefs. She tried to hold her... more

My Love Affair With Panties

I just wanted to write and say how much I appreciate your site. I also wanted to talk about how much I LOVE Panties and how it started. My sister was about five years older than me. I always loved looking at her especially her ass. It wasn't huge but not... more

Aunties Panties

When I was younger I occasionally visited my aunt's home which was the next farm over. Occasionally I baby -sat their kids. For reasons unknown to me I once had the impulse to go thru the laundry hamper outside the bathroom door. I guess I found what I was looking... more

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