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Bill Turlock's

A "Mom's Panties" Panty Story

The first time I ever jerked off was quite the awakening. I remember it clearly. Within a day or two of my first wet dream, yes I've had a couple, I was sorting laundry. I came across a pair of my mother's satin panties. Now these weren't the little things that show a lot of leg or ass. In fact they were big ol' briefs. Pink with lace trim around the waist.

Holding them in my hand, I ran my fingers over the soft fabric thinking to myself where this special garment was worn. I began to chubb up, thinking about what a sexy woman, dolled up in lingerie looked like. I unfolded the panties and laid them on the bed for a viewing.

Majestic, they were. Sensuous, tempting, sheer, seductive. All of these emotional associations from just looking at this pair of underwear. Without thinking twice I dropped trou, and mounted the panties, humping them like I would a woman beneath me.

Oh, how I loved the feel of soft satin on my hard cock. Pumping and wriggling on top of them, I soon began to cum. My throbbing cock, shooting juice all over my mom's panties. I was hooked.

Soon thereafter, I began to steal a pair out of the laundry, here and there, to have my way with. Wanting and desiring a sexual encounter, this was the only way I got any. I would think of the women and girls that I would like to have done things to.

I can only guess as to why I began to think of my mother as I was fucking her panties, but she began to be the woman that I thought of during my “sexcapades”. From time to time she would walk around from the bathroom to her bedroom in her bra and panties, and I would make sure that I checked her out.

Every once in a while she would ask me to clip or unclip her bra for her, and of course I would oblige. It was now several months after my first time cumming in her panties and she was now the object of my desires.

The first pair of panties that I stole, looking to keep, was a white pair of briefs with lace trim. She had several pairs of these, so I figured that she wouldn't notice one missing. I took them and hid them under my mattress. Now I had a pair that I “claimed”.

That night, I filled them with my seed and pretended that I was having sex with my mother, and not her panties. Dreams of passionate kisses and groping filled my head as I lusted for my mom. I shot my load and rolled over to go to sleep.

The next morning, I found them stuck to me, knotted around my cock from tossing and turning through the night. I pulled them off, opened them back up and got down to business again. Before I finished in them, my mom came bursting into the room yelling that chores weren't done and that I was lying in bed wasting time.

I tried to shuffle the panties to the foot of my bed under the sheets so I could get out of bed without being discovered. I must have looked guilty, because she came over to the bed and pulled the covers back. At the foot of the bed lay the panties I was just busy with.

Then came the question, “What are you doing with my underwear?”

To this I replied, “Rubbing myself.”

I mean what could I say? What is there to say? At 14 years old, you're caught with a pair of your mothers panties and a hard on. Hmmm… Well I caught hell for that and went on with my day.

Now the whole incident of being caught didn’t stop my little perversion. In fact, from that point on, things got a bit kinkier. As opposed to stealing the panties and keeping them under my mattress, I tried just using them an putting them back in her drawer, folded all nice and neat like they were, but filled with cum.

After school, I would get home and immediately go and get a pair of her panties to use. Now, in order to remain inconspicuous, I would have to rotate through the pairs that I used. So I didn’t re-use the same pair from the previous session.

This soon turned me on, as I realized that she wound up wearing the cum-stained panties. My man-juice was as close to being inside her as I could get it. Hell, her panties were as close to inside her as I could get.

Now, being as I wanted to get more and more intimate with her, I began to look at other articles of clothing made of satin, which were worn as closely as panties.

Bras, slips, negligees, girdles, anything that was soft and satin came under “fire”. I would even dress her pillows in a bra and panty, stuffing other panties and night gowns into them to simulate her body in them and what it would be like to mount and fuck her.

Pining for sexual contact, I had a brainstorm one night. I planned this whole thing out before hand. What I thought it would do, I have no idea, but it turned me on incredibly.

One night I would walk through her bedroom, as she slept, with a hard on in hand. The next night I would have a pair of panties in hand and be rubbing my hard cock with them. The third night I would work up a sweat and walk through, as I was cumming into her panties.

I guess being turned on in her presence and caught red handed was something that I hoped would happen and lead to intercourse. Yeah, right. I would have had my ass handed to me for that one.

As my luck would have it, the first time I was caught wasn’t the last. As I began to jerk off several times a day, I wound up taking her intimate apparel and again putting it under my mattress. Since I was using it so frequently, it began to stain. Her white panties now had large yellow stains on them from repeated use.

And now it was not just panties that I used on a regular basis. She caught me with a pair of panties drying on top of a heater. I had just washed all of the stains out of them and was drying them before putting them back under my mattress.

I had been taken away from the task of watching them dry, and she came home from work before I got back to the task at hand. She knew exactly what was up and called me on it.

Another time she found a pair with stains and made me wash them out and show her when I was done. She then told me how disgusted she was and told me to throw them out. That was a sad loss, as she didn’t know that it was her I that wanted to have sex with, not her underwear.

The most she ever caught me with was about three pairs of panties, a bra or two, a slip, a camisole and a nightgown. All heavily stained and hidden under my mattress. I guess she began to notice a dwindling supply of intimates and put two and two together. Having caught me with a nightgown sticking out from under my mattress, I guess she figured out where I hid anything I used.

One day, she came into my room and threw the mattress off the box spring to see what I had taken and much to her surprise, I had a good half of her underwear and assorted satin treasures, filled with cum and stuffed between the mattress and box spring.

This utterly enraged her and she made me get rid of everything there and then she threw out all of her satin panties and bras. They were replaced with cotton underwear that just wasn’t as sexy and soft. Never again was she to buy satin anything.

Luckily, I had a pair stowed away in the basement that had come out of the laundry and not gotten up to her dresser yet. That pair helped me get through the dry spell of satin-less masturbating.

I was without any of her sexy lingerie until I was going to move out and get my first apartment. About a week or two before I moved out, I was going through her panty drawer, as was customary, and I noticed two new additions.

They were satin panties that had matching bras. What a discovery! Immediately, they were stained. There was no holding back. She hadn’t bought satin panties in over a year. Now there were two!

When the day came for me to move out, I was packing up a few things and I ran into her room before she came home and raided her panty drawer. I took the pair that I like most. It was the brief. The other pair was cut higher on the leg and didn’t remind me of her like the briefs. I stowed them away and moved my stuff into my new apartment.

This new pair, being the only pair that I had, got quite a bit of use. So I made sure that I washed it frequently and by hand to try and make sure it lasted a good long while.

My apartment was only across town, so I regularly visited my mom. I would make every attempt to go through her panty drawer as often as possible. There was never a mention of her missing pair and the other pair was almost always in the same place. I found this interesting and decided to test the waters.

I made sure that the pair I had was well stained and discolored, and took it over one day on a visit. I placed it in the drawer, and took the high cut satin panties with me.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I looked to see what happened to the pair I left behind. They didn’t move an inch. I had placed them upside down in the back of the drawer, so that the stains wouldn’t be seen unless she took then out. If she did see them, she put them back exactly as I had put them in.

So I decided to take them back and keep both pair of panties. To this day, they are the last pairs of satin panties that my mother ever bought, and I still have them and treasure them.

My sister wound up breaking up with a guy she was living with, and asked if she could move in with me until she got back on her feet.

I didn’t have a problem with this. I will bend over backwards to help out in a situation like that. So she moved her stuff in and took over a small room that was being used as a closet.

Within a few weeks of her arrival, I began to get the itch for some new panties. I saw a few prospects here and there as I started poking around in my sister's laundry and underwear drawer. I soon found a nice little nightie with matching panty, and a few others that tempted me.

So I began the stain-and-rotate process all over again, this time with my sister’s panties. As time went by I began to want sexual contact with my sister and that might have become known to her.

I once was admiring a bra and panty set that was in the wash, and left it laid out on the ironing board. When she finished her laundry, and brought it up to put it away, there was a distinct look on her face, but she made no mention of it. As it turns out, I still have that nightie and a sexy thong that I stole from her.

I finally found a girl that took my “V”, and realized WOW, how different real sex is to masturbating. Even with satin panties.

I pursued the lingerie fetish that I had with this girl and much to my dismay; the relationship lasted long enough to get my dick wet a few times and not much else.

Then another girl came my way a little over a year later. Again that lasted long enough to get laid, and that was about it. As I was collecting the pieces of my life off the floor after the break up, who should call but my first?

She was lonely and looking to have some fun. This time I tried to get the lingerie thing in early enough to satiate my desire. One day, while shopping in the mall, we went to the intimates section of some store and she began to ask if I saw anything I liked.

Felling like a perv, I clammed up and felt real uncomfortable. The whole attempt to satisfy the fetish ended there. There was to be no satin for me.

A few years ago, I moved into another apartment and began searching for some new pieces for me to use. I figured I could buy them off the Internet and not feel like a pervert. So I began looking at websites like Victoria’s Secret and finding related sites. Having found a few, I looked to make a few purchases.

Now, you have to specify a size. Well, I thought why not get things in my mothers size. She is the woman I think of every night as I cum into her into her panties. So I order a few pairs of panties in her size.

Hey, this pipe dream of fucking my mother has gone so far, why not hope that I could give these to her or hope to be able to take them off her one day.

Well, I got the panties and was very pleased with my purchase. So I made a few others. More panties, matching bras, a girdle, a slip, ya know things that reminded me of my mom. And all of them would fit her. What more could I try for, then lingerie in her size, since she doesn’t buy it anymore.

Some time later, I wound up doing some work around my parents house and still the Oedipus complex shows up. I wound up going through her underwear drawer again, looking for satin anything to steal and cum in. I found a couple of slips and camisoles, an all-satin bra and that was about it.

So, I beat off a few times into the slips and bra, replacing them in the drawer as I found them. Knowing that I would stain them didn’t stop me, and at one point they started sticking together like pages of a Playboy that had been soiled.

Well I didn’t care. And there was no mention of mommy’s lingerie being stained and sticky. Instead of leaving well enough alone, I stole a camisole and have that to this day still.

Interestingly enough, my mom told me to bring laundry by one day, so she could occupy herself as I was working around the house. So I did, and much to my chagrin, I discovered a bra in with my laundry when I got home. Now, it could have just gotten mixed in with my clothes, but the funny thing is, it matches the briefs that I stole from her when I moved out to my first apartment. Coincidence? I try to think not. But then again, it’s a pipe dream.

I would often dream of waking up to my mother standing over me, with a fresh, new, soft pair of panties for me to soil, while she was in the shower. Upon finishing in her panties right where her pussy is, I would go into the bathroom, and begin to dress her in the freshly used panties and matching bra, being sure to squish my cum in between her pussy lips. She would then turn to me, and lovingly kiss me and we would begin necking, groping and fondling each other.

Upon her return from work that evening, she would start stripping down to her skivvies for another round of passion and lust, that would lead to me peeling her out of her panties and bra, to make love all over the house. I would finish inside her and when we were done with that round, she would prance around in only her lingerie, ready for me, when I got it up again.

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