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Lingerie Stories

Stories are presented unedited, in their entirety unless otherwise noted.

Submit your lingerie and panty stories by email. If I like 'em they will be published here and in the News Groups.

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Panty Stories

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Anonymous Woman Offers Panty Show, and Her Used Panties

I was out of town on business, sitting in my rental car writing up some notes before I was going to get out to use an outside pay phone. A woman walked up to my window and tapped on it, scaring me a bit cuz I was concentrating... more

College Laundry Room Panty Filching, Panty Loving Session

I have a recurring daydream about when I was living in an apartment complex with three other guys during my senior year (early 60’s) at a large Midwest university. We were some of the few students in the complex which was largely filled with faculty and young single... more

Windblown Skirts Revealing Panties, Panty Loving Session

It was a very hot, very windy day in the Loop when I saw the girl of my dreams. I had just ducked out of another boring meeting where I was listening to the rationalizations of senior management about why our raises and bonuses would be so small... more

Forced to Wear Mom's Briefs After Accident, Panty Filching

I have been hooked on panties since I was a child of about 7 or 8 and was forced to wear my mother's panties to school one day after I had wet the bed wearing my only pair of clean undershorts. I went to school feeling very embarrassed... more

Nurse's Van Raalte Sheerios Brief Story by Young Man

My real weakness is seeing and touching a woman wearing full cut, white nylon panties. It goes back to when I was just a kid, when I was in the hospital for a short stay with the flu. Late one evening when I had been asleep for hours,... more

Bridesmaids' Slip Party and Wife Gets Revenge wth Private Detective in Silky Slip Orgy

Continued from Wife Tries to Catch Cheating Slip-Fancying Husband Dan reached up and toyed with Debbie's nipples, touching her through the soft lace of her bra. He slid one hand down, and caressed her ass through the soft fabric of her slip. Debbie moaned with pure... more

Seducing Her Instructor with Her Silky Slips

The girl shed her skirt while he stood watching. She could see his hardness growing in his pants, and had finally succumbed to his advances. She had been sitting in her English class, reading the latest of the novels recommended by her teacher, and had looked up on an... more

High-School Senior Classmates Make Out in the Car; Girls Suffer Uniform "Inspection"

Kristie Talbot threw her school books to the floor, draped her jacket over the stand, and dropped herself onto her bed. School had been tiring, and she felt especially worn as she had slept badly the night before. She kicked off her shoes, and then sitting up against her... more

Silken Dreams

Sally Brown. Just the mention of her name made my stomach flutter. I was eighteen at the time, about to finish school, hopelessly naive, and a virgin. I remember the first time I noticed her. I was standing in line to buy a ticket to a film, when the... more

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