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Lingerie Stories

Stories are presented unedited, in their entirety unless otherwise noted.

Submit your lingerie and panty stories by email. If I like 'em they will be published here and in the News Groups.

All submitted Stories remain the Property of the Author—we don't wanna own them. But, by the Act of Submitting them, you automatically Warrant that you are the Copyright Holder and that you Authorize me to publish them.

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My Date With Sally

Hey Bill, After corresponding with that hot lady Sally for a few weeks she encouraged me to write a story about us!! Here it is. I hope I can send more soon. In my final year of high school I dated a younger girl called Sally. She was several years... more

Panty & Slip Story

A story I read on this site recently reminded me of a girlfriend I had about 14 years ago and the experiences we shared in both panties and slips. Her name was Ned (nickname) and 5’ 9”, brunette, (although sometimes dark reddish), happy and generous and reasonably slim and... more

Silky Nylon, Sticky Cum

It all started when I was a teenager, my love of silky nylon slips and gowns that is. Early in my teens, my parents divorced and my older sister and I stayed with our mother. This turn of events suddenly spawned an affixation almost immediately. Having a household... more

Men-in-Slips Story: Fluffy Slip; Stuffed Animal

Fluffy Slip I was walking through a department store when I happened upon the girls clothing area. I just glanced into it when something caught my eye. I walk into the aisle to find a rack of fluffy bouffant slips. They were the kind that little girls wear under a... more

My Sister's Slip

I love to masturbate while wearing my sister's clothes, especially her slips. I think a slip is the sexiest and most feminine of all girl's clothes. One night when my sis came home late from one of her dates, I was still awake in my room. I heard... more

Our First Men-in-Slips Story: Shopping for Slips

I am male and heterosexual, but have always loved wearing slips and other lingerie, but mainly slips. I prefer full slips, as they feel so sensual and turn me on. I normally shop in charity shops, as they provide good value and ready access to full slips. They are... more

White After Labor Day

Just after Labor Day my sister came busting into my room and threw one of her short nylon slips in my face and demanded to know what the stain on it was. I was busted! I had been wearing her slips and panties on and off for about... more

Erotic Memories of an Office Co-Worker

My most erotic moment involving a girl and her slips occurred about ten years back with a new girlfriend I had met about a week earlier. The memory of the occasion remains fully imprinted in my mind, and I am not able to recall the incident without becoming... more

The Neighbor's Lingerie Drawer

When I was young and my hormones were out of control, I had a crush on a woman who lived across the street from my parent's house. Her name was Sally, she was above average in the looks department but was a real bitch when it came to... more

The Third Daughter and Sister

After I was married I used to go to my mother in law's house to wear her clothes and lucky me for me my sister in law, who is a knock out, lived there too. Well one day I got there and picked out a nice outfit skirt, blouse,... more

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