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Lingerie Stories

Stories are presented unedited, in their entirety unless otherwise noted.

Submit your lingerie and panty stories by email. If I like 'em they will be published here and in the News Groups.

All submitted Stories remain the Property of the Author—we don't wanna own them. But, by the Act of Submitting them, you automatically Warrant that you are the Copyright Holder and that you Authorize me to publish them.

Panty Stories

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Family Fun

I enjoy wearing women's clothing. It started when I was quite young. I had a step brother and step sister that lived in the household. They were both younger than me. One day me and my brother were home alone, and we were wrestling and I got up... more

Underwear Enjoyment Part 3

I was reminded of a time, about 25 years ago, when I had to work in the north of England for a few days for my firm. It was about 200 miles from my home and, for some reason, I didn't take any panties with me to wear... more

Underwear Enjoyment Part 2

I still enjoy reading the large number of panty stories in your pages. Wearing panties, according to a magazine article I saw some years ago, is by far the most common sexual deviation (their term) among adolescent and adult males and I know, or have known, around 20... more

The Secret

This is the 100% true story about me and the girl I fell in love with. For some reason, ever since I was a teenager, I have had a love for women's panties that I just can't explain. Women's satin panties that is. I don't know how or why... more

My Panty Dream

I had this dream last night and I just had to tell you guys Even as I write this, I am sitting here in a black silk half slip and a tight pair of Victoria's Secret panties. I had this dream last night that I was getting ready to take... more

Me and My Friend's Sister's Panties

Well I wrote the story about "I Stole Her Leopard Skins" but I guess I should tell you how it started. When I was young, me and my friend Tim liked to play truth or dare. Well, one time when a group of guys spent the night with... more

The Set Up

I had been after my new girlfriend, Jill, to let me shave her pussy for quite some time. Every time that I asked her I would receive an emphatic “NO!” She wouldn’t ever let me do it and she wouldn’t even tell me why. I even told her that... more

Afternoon Lingerie Loving at my Mother In Law's

I am a 40 year old UK male who since my teens has been a lover of ladies underwear. Like most of your readers I started with my mother's lingerie, borrowing panties and bras to wear, feel, touch, smell and to come over as I lay in my... more

My Mum and Her Panties

I have had a fetish for panties since I was quite young, and I’m still wearing these sexy garments (even as I am writing this). It all started one day when I was alone in the house and was getting very bored. So I decided to go into my... more

Wetting Panties With Sis

I have had a life-long fascination with panties. This fascination, while I don't completely understand it, has its roots in my relationship with my sister. I have no memory of ever being attracted to my mother, her underwear or other items of clothing, but seeing my sister's underwear... more

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