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Bill Turlock's

Exploring a Strange Panty Drawer Under his Wife's Orders

In which Robert is alone in a house a real-estate agency has scheduled for open showing. The owners are away for the weekend. Robert is doing this as a favor to his new wife, Helen, who works for the agency but has other appointments for the early evening.

In the bottom drawer of the strange dresser Robert found what he was looking for—a whole treasure chest of silky lingerie—panties, half-slips, and lacy bras. Already aroused to an erotic high by his prowling in a strange house alone at night, he was almost trembling and ready to use the silky underclothing to flaunt all the taboos and satisfy longings that were somehow buried deep within his inner consciousness.

A tent pole of wonderful proportions feeling thick and heavy, lifted, developed, and expanded between his legs as he prepared to make a minute inspection of the lingerie. He sank to his knees in front of the open drawer, unzipped his trousers to free the tentpole of all restrictions, and slid just the tips of his fingers over the first pair of pink silk panties. He felt as if he were violating a forbidden zone by making this secret foray into women's underclothing. When he lifted out a pair of silky briefs his fingers trembled as he held them in front of his eyes, feasting on the forbidden fruit, letting the sensuous silk slip through his fingers.

He didn't even know the woman who owned them, but his pole was throbbing as if she were standing before him in those very panties, rubbing her fingers between her legs, enticing him. Still it wasn't the woman; it was her panties that excited him. All of his senses became focused on his fetish, and as he rubbed the panties on his arms and inhaled their perfume, he found the taboo act made his tent pole rampant.

Gently folding and returning the pink panties, he lifted out yellow panties, dripping with lace, holding them before his eyes, sniffing their soapy perfume, fingering the lacy fabric, aroused by the naughtiness of their design. They were so filmy and high cut on the sides that the woman who owned them would be the essence of a saucy enticer, as erotic as a can-can dancer.

Replacing the yellow panties Robert then lifted several other taboo panties and colorful half-slips, sliding the clinging material over his fingers, looking between his legs and challenging himself to let the silky underwear caress the stiffened pole, now swollen and continuing to quiver in sync with his heartbeat as he played with the forbidden panties. Slowly he lowered the half-slip trimmed with six inches of dripping lace, lowered it until the erotic edges touched the sensitive tip of the naked pole. The sexy sensation was so intense that the pole seemed to lift a full inch on its own, reaching for even more of the caressing and sensuous lace.

More and more he felt as if he were not in control of the situation. Perspiration broke out on his forehead, and he felt as if all his blood had rushed to his pole. He wondered if his fascination for forbidden feminine underwear would some day drive him beyond the limit. In fact he felt close to the edge now, close to ignoring the caution light and letting his senses take over, stretching out on the carpet and masturbating with the most luscious panties he could find, filling them with hot spurts of semen, reveling in the taboo-breaking act.

But supposing someone should come into the house while he was in the act? How could he explain what happened? He couldn't say that the panty fetish was so strong that after a few moments he had absolutely no control over his behavior.

It would be pure heaven to be able to dangle those luscious panties on his rigid organ. The more his fingers explored the feminine undies, the more his fear, or was it control, vanished, and in another moment he had selected the most exciting panties, super-clinging pink silk with lots of lace, so erotic that he almost came just rubbing them between his fingers. With his handkerchief he wiped the pre-cum off the erection, and he was about to lower them between his legs and let them brush against his stiffened pole, when he heard the doorbell.

Almost in one action, he cursed under his breath, folded the panties, replaced them exactly as they had been, closed the drawer, and zipped himself up. He was trembling with a mixture of fear and a strange kind of joy when he went downstairs to answer the doorbell. He felt lucky he hadn't been caught.

After gulping some fresh air, he opened the front door and found his wife, Helen, standing there fumbling for a key. Tossing her curls in impatience she walked in and kissed him on the cheek.

She knew something was up.

"Why didn't you answer the door sooner?"

"I was in the bathroom."

As Helen removed her coat, she said, "I don't know why the agency decided to have an open house here. The place wasn't advertised for sale until yesterday, and now I have to show another house to an out-of-town couple before it's time to close this one."

"I don't mind waiting," Robert said, thinking of the treasure chest upstairs.

"You're a dear to help out," said Helen. Then noticing the bulge in his trousers she said, "You've been thinking naughty thoughts, haven't you? There's a punishment for that, isn't there?" She wasn't accusing, merely stating a fact obvious from the tent pole between his legs. She was looking forward to the "punishment" as much as he was.

Smiling she walked into his arms, pressed her pelvis against him, and kissed him fully on the lips. Robert's hands wandered over her sleek bottom and pulled up her skirt from behind, kissing the silk panties upstairs had aroused him and Helen happened on the scene when the pole was stiff and ready. It didn't hurt matters that he was already running his fingers over her silky ass now, making her moan in anticipation.

Before long Helen's tongue was exploring his mouth and he was running his fingers over the front of her panties.

"My, you are ready, aren't you? Can't you wait till we get home?"

"More fun if we did it here and now," he said. Helen had unzipped him and was running her fingers over the hot pole.

"Better get out of the doorway," said Helen, now leading him upstairs by his rigid handle. Robert slipped his fingers up under Helen's skirt while they climbed the stairs, and by the time they got to the top he was above her stockings and had begun caressing her silky panties.

Once in the bedroom Helen flopped down on the bed, letting her skirt ride carelessly up her legs, and as Robert lay beside her, he slowly lifted her skirt higher, watched her spread her legs and let his eyes fill with the forbidden charms under her skirt, smiling broadly as she fingered the erect organ jutting out from his trousers.

"Hurry, we haven't much time," she said.

"No rush. I want to take forever looking up your skirt in this exotic bedroom. Besides, you're full of lust and I want to take advantage of it, want to fill all of your lustful crevices, want you to feel as wonderful as I do, want you to play with that pole until we both start overflowing together."

"Hurry, Mr. Sexy. I'm wearing the special panties you bought me for my birthday." She lifted her skirt and slip above her stockings to reveal the pink panties with the delicate lace inserts, spreading her legs a bit wider to make the view more arousing. But Robert's pole was already at full attention.

"Why call those panties special?" he said, running his hand over them and thrilling to the smooth texture. His pole lifted, and Helen caressed it with extravagant fingernail attention.

"Because you make me promise to keep these panties on whenever we play sex games."

"Yes," he said, quickly pulling aside the leg band and thrusting in his hot sword. "I want you to talk to me about silky panties." Robert was hilt-deep inside her now and she was plunging on the roller coaster, hanging on with nails dug into him.

With his hands on her silky hips he plunged, letting the lacy leg bands touch the pole from the tip to the thick hilt. And the writhing and twisting woman under him made each plunge a breath taking adventure. The eroticism of loving in a strange bedroom drove them so wild that Helen began a series of moaning/shouting climaxes, sending them both out of their skulls. "Loving in someone else's bedroom is fantastic," she said.

"Wonderful immoral sex, and it's so erotic I think I'll ask you to appear whenever the agency sends me to an open house." She shuddered and moaned as a mini climax surfaced while she spoke.

"Any time," he said. "Ask me to bring you special panties."

"You love to buy me panties, don't you, dear? Tell you what. You deserve a little punishment for being so naughty and having a bulge in your trousers. Suppose it had been some client who wanted to see the house? You were indecent to appear with a bulge. You've earned a punishment. Shall I whip you? You do want me to punish you, don't you? That pole is getting stiff just thinking about it, isn't it?"

"Yes, but don't make me buy you pink panties."

"That's not severe enough. I'm going—oh dear, that last plunge was divine. Do it again—I'm going to watch you slip my panties up your legs when I leave. Will you wear my panties?"

Robert could hardly hope for anything that wonderfully erotic.

"Please, don't," he whined. "Don't make me wear your panties." But the increased stiffness of the pole and the super energy of his pelvic thrust gave the game away.

"You seem to get stiffer all the time," she said. "Tell me you promise to pull my silky panties up over your legs."

"I promise to put on your panties when you leave and to wear them home under my trousers."

"How about more panty punishment? Let's see how stiff we can make it, but don't you dare to have an orgasm till I command."

"What more severe punishment could there be?" he said, and as he thought of the answer to his own question—being fully dressed as a woman—he stiffened again. The thought of being punished and commanded to wear his wife's lovely silk panties drove him even closer to the brink of orgasm.

"I know what," said Helen. "I want you to search all over and see if there's any sexy underwear in this house. And when I'm gone I want you to wear my panties while you make a close inspection of all the frilly panties you can find. I command you to feel the silkiness of another woman's underwear. Now repeat my command."

As Robert said the taboo words, he knew he was on the verge of spurting. "It may take me a long time," he added.

"Oh, it's stiffer than ever, isn't it? You've probably already discovered the panties, haven't you? And that's why your trousers bulged at the door. I command you to tell me."

"Yes," he said. "I've touched the taboo panties."

"I command you to touch them again, and this time I want you to wear my silk panties over that stiff rod."

The vision of wearing Helen's panties while he made the inspection of the dresser drawer again was more than Robert's erotic sense could control. He imagined her silky panties rubbing against his stiffness when he slid his fingertips over every bit of sensuous bit of underclothing in the drawer.

Suddenly there was no stopping his spurting orgasm. It simply bubbled up from the bottom of his erotic being and shot out of the pole entirely independent of his will. His wild plunging sent Helen into more climaxes and she pressed her panty-clad pelvis tightly against him and raked her fingernails on his back.

Still breathing hard some minutes later, he lay in her arms.

"That was the love-in of a lifetime," he said. "Here we are having sex in a strange bedroom and now I'm to wear your panties while searching for the underwear of a woman I've never seen."

"I love it when you talk dirty," Helen said. She moaned and lay in the delightful stupor of wildly satisfying sex with her fetish-prone husband. She couldn't help it if he had a thing for silky panties. But as she roused herself she made a promise that if just the idea of panties was so arousing to him, she'd see to it that arousals would come and come and come.

Later Helen was standing before him, straightening her skirt.

"Kneel down, slide your sexy fingers up my skirt, and take down my panties," she commanded. And when he had slid off her panties slowly and sensuously, caressing her moist crevice with one hand while he pulled the panties over her heels, she said, "Now let me see you put them on."

Robert gulped, but he grinned too as he slid the silky panties up over his knees and felt the leg bands begin to grip his thighs. Then as the sensuous material actually caressed his genitals, his pole began to stiffen again. Helen ran her fingers around his waist and down between his legs, making sure the clinging material rubbed against his sensitive pole.

When she left, Robert sank to his knees again in front of the drawer, and made a list of every slip, bra, and silky pair of panties. He found two garterbelts to add to the list too. And all the while he was counting, his pole stretched itself into Helen's silky panties, and as he was about to leave, he slipped the waist band of her panties down and choosing the most sensuous pink silk panties in the drawer, he dropped them on his pole and smiled happily as he rubbed to his heart's content.

He was satisfied just to stiffen the pole with the erotic panties, knowing that there would be another sexy fetish game with Helen when he came home wearing her silky panties.

Since it diminished his will power, he wondered if he wanted Helen to dictate when and where he could wear panties. Well, he'd have to face that problem when and if it arrived.

Chapters to follow explore Helen's deepening awareness of Robert's tightly embedded fetish, her efforts to help him into what becomes his panty heaven, the visit of Helen's attractive bloomer-wearing cousin, Sally, who is recently widowed from a cd, their subsequent visit to Sally's house downstate, including trips en femme to buy clothing and at a restaurant. No bondage, no humiliation. Pure joy. Stay tuned. whitie

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