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Wife Likes to Lick Her Crusty Panty Crotch During Sex

This activity happened quite by accident. My wife of 18 yrs. had always asked me why I enjoyed eating her out so much? I put it plainly... It's your taste and smell that gets me so aroused. I would point out repeatedly that she had this certain aroma I smell when she would walk by me. She doesn't use perfumes at all. Just lotions and moisturizers. This didn't make any sense to her until she was approached by her friends and co-workers asking what she had on? She then relayed this to me and I reminded her of my being able to smell her sweet aroma. She started thinking back several yrs. and remembered being asked what she was wearing that smelled so good. I just grinned at her and sniffed around her. It's a smell I can't describe. Just that it arouses me and I can't seem to get enough of her scent.

Then one afternoon we were discussing her aroma because this time a woman standing next to her at the check out stand at the grocery store asked her. I was in the mood so I just started a long foreplay with her. Several minutes later I had her summer dress up around her waist and started to pull her black panties she had been wearing the entire time we had been out shopping that summer day. I happened to notice that she had quite a white-ish stain running along half the length of the panty crotch and a fresh moist spot in the middle of it all still clear. I left the panty laying next to us on the floor as we positioned for me to eat her out. As I ate away at my wife's pussy, I often look at her to see her reaction. The usual rolling of her head from side to side followed by heavy breathing. Several minutes later, she looked at me and then at her panty. She asked... "I really do smell good?" I just left her pussy and went up to her face, planted a wet kiss on her lips that consisted of just her pussy juices all over my mouth and chin! She stuck her tongue out an licked her lips. "It's just slimy and.... you're right. I don't mind it at all.

With that she reached for her panty and noticed the amount of pussy stain she had deposited on it. The wet spot had started to gel up and turn white as well. But still obvious that it was the freshest spot on her panty crotch. I continued to enjoy myself eating and sucking as much of her juices out as fast as she secreted it. She then slowly started breathing heavily again and her pussy was twitching around my lips and chin. A strong indicator that she was close to cumming. It was at that point that she took her panty and started licking at the crotch!!! I was so turned on and surprised. She saw me looking at her and tried to muster a smile but she was starting her orgasm. My wife then rolled her head to one side, reached down with one hand and pulled my head closer to her pussy, used her other hand to push the rest of her gusset into her mouth. As she started cumming, she let go of my head and used both her hands to pull out her panty crotch to look at where more of her pussy stains were and stuffed it back into her mouth resumed her licking and sucking on her panty!!!

That day, my wife had such an intense orgasm that she finished cleaning out her panty crotch, licking and sucking it till her orgasm subsided. I just fell more in love with her. This was such a new experience for us that she went through her lingerie hamper and found two more panties that were crusted with her pussy juices and secretions. She devised a way to rehydrate her crusty panties too.... masturbate and then wipe up her cum with the crusted panty and we'd suck it clean. She always had to lick her share of the crotch first then give me the remainder. This is a common activity now. She would wear her panties till she covered it with her juices and then store them till we were ready for them. Which was never too long.

I am happy....

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