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"There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"
A Letter from a Blind Slip-Lover and Bill's Responses (and a Rant)

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Bill Turlock's

Mother-In-Law's Girdle & Panty Passion

Dear Bill;

I just finished watching one of your girdle videos, the one with Jane in it. My Mother-in law just happened to stop by and I turned it off as soon as she drove up. She must have seen that I had a huge hard-on, because she just kept looking funny at me. I should mention that I have a fetish for panties, girdles, nylons, pantyhose, and older women.

Ann asked me to stop over and move a dresser for her the next evening, and I said I would. I kept my promise, and around six thirty I came by. She happened to be a widow for several years, and has a terrific slender body with small tits, round ass, and the most inviting legs you could ever imagine! Ann is also exactly twenty years older than I am, and I have wanted her for a number of years, with no luck.

After ringing the bell, she told me to come in, which I did. As I came into the living room, I almost died, there sat Ann, in her robe, drinking a glass of wine, and watching TV. She had her heels on and was dangling her right shoe, with her legs crossed, and her robe slightly open. I immediately got a giant hard on! Before I knew it, Ann stood up, walked over to me, put her arms around me and gave me a long, wet, wine tasting kiss. What A shock! I responded by putting my arms around her and running them over her back, and down to her round ass. I felt something I didnít recognize right away, and as I ran my hands down lower, I realized she was wearing a panty girdle, nylons, bra, and a slip under her robe. After a few seconds, she stepped back, and dropped her robe to the floor, and I saw her just mid-thigh, white slinky, slip, and those terrific, sexy legs covered in shiny, sheer, smooth, light tan nylons!

Ann again began to kiss me, and I went wild remembering all the times I had stolen her panties and jacked off in them, while dreaming of her, (another story!). After a few seconds of this, she started to undress me and had me lay down. She said that she knew about my fetishes, had seen me watching your video through the window, and had known about me taking her panties and nylons for some time! She was so turned on by this and admitted to having the same fetishes as me. She also was very horny, and wanted to come. However, she said that we could do everything but fuck, she was going to keep her panties on! Period!

By this time, I was naked, and Ann sliding over me and rubbing her slip covered crotch against me was getting me close to coming. She tasted so good, that I hated to stop sucking on her tongue, but I moved my mouth down to her tiny tits, pulled down the slip, and bra, and sucked her little tit and stiff nipple into my mouth. Ann groaned, and rubbed her panty and slip covered pussy harder onto my rock hard cock. At this point I had to taste her soaking wet pussy, and scooted her up to my face. I buried my mouth into her pussy, sucking on the wet spot I could easily see. The smell, and taste was far better than the panties I had stolen before. This was the real thing! I could see that her eyes had rolled back into her head, and she was fucking my face, harder and faster than I was sucking on her. I might also add that she wore plenty of make-up, and spent considerable time on her hair, another of my fetishes. I canít tell you how looking up at this fifty-eight year old beauty fucking my face, affected my cock.!

All of a sudden, Ann stiffened up, grabbed my ears, and pushed her cunt farther into my face, shoving my tongue into her pussy, and had her first orgasm in several years. I begged her to let me fuck her, but she said the panties had to stay on. She slid down, and straddled my dick, and started rubbing it into her panty covered pussy, which was dripping with my saliva, and her load of juice. I lifted up her slip so I could see her white open-crotch panty girdle, and nylons, which got me even hotter. As she rode me, she came several more times. Just as I was about to blow up, and literally begged to fuck her, she drove her crotch down onto my prick, so hard that it actually slid into her amazingly tight, wet pussy! Ann let out a scream, and began to pump me real fast. I pulled her face down, and sucked her tongue into my mouth. Her lipstick that was by now all over my face tasted so good along with her mouth and pussy juice, and her perfume smelled so good mixed with all these odors, that the slamming of my dick into her, along with being able to see her girdle, nylons, bra, and slip, and her by now almost missing Vanity Fair panties, which were so far up into her cunt, I could see pussy hair on both sides, I exploded into her nylon lined pussy, so hard, she raised up about two inches!

Afterwards, we lay together and discussed what we had done. She told me how lonely she had been, and desperately wanted an affair, but was scared to see a stranger, because of disease, and shyness. Since this first time we have been having our lingerie affair for ten wonderful years, including indulging ourselves in your great website! All this because of your video! I hope you and all the other "Lingerie Lovers" enjoyed this encounter as much as I did! Keep up the good work.

"Two" Fans!!!

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