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"There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"
A Letter from a Blind Slip-Lover and Bill's Responses (and a Rant)

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Bill Turlock's

Sister-In-Law Panty-Humping

Dear Panty & Slip Lovers;

I just wanted to share the story of a great encounter with you. Let me start by saying that I have a big fetish for women's underwear, pantyhose, nylons, girdles, bras, but in particular panties and slips!

My divorced sister-in-law, Connie, was 8 years younger than I, (38), 5'4", long, thick, dark brown, almost black hair, dark brown eyes, small tits, small waist, and a medium sized, very firm, shapely ass! My brother shared with me many stories about her fetishes, including the ones about lingerie. I suspect that one of the reasons for the split was his lack of interest in sex. I used to tease Connie about us having an affair, and she would just laugh it off.

I would at every chance go through her drawers and look at her underwear, sometimes stealing her panties, or nylons. What a treat! The panties were well worn, and always had a spot of cunt juice from a discharge in the crotch. They smelled great, from all her juices. I imagined her wet, hairy pussy with the panty tight inside the split of her cunt. She always wore jeans that looked like they were spray painted on. Her too-tight pants always gave me something to dream about.

Connie and I had the opportunity to have dinner together one evening while my family, and her kids were out of town. I picked her up at her house, and we went out to eat. I won't bore you with the details of what or where we ate, but we did have a few beers, and a great time talking. We had steak, and joked about the Heimlich maneuver, which I called the" hineylick" maneuver. I told her not to worry, if she choked I would lick her till the meat popped out! The subject of sex came up, and we talked about what we liked and didn't like. I was shocked when Connie brought up her love of lingerie! She also said she had heard about me having a similar fetish.

We left to go to my car, and as she walked out the door, I knew right away that this would not be just another dinner! Her ass, in those super tight jeans, high heels, low cut blouse, and the way she walked gave me an instant and very noticeable hard on. As she turned to say goodbye to someone, she glanced at the lump in my pants, and smiled. When we were almost to my car, she slipped, and almost fell. I grabbed her around the waist, and she turned and kissed me as she put her arms around my neck. After a long wet kiss with her tongue halfway down my throat, she suggested we go to the motel around the corner! Wow!

We checked in, and she went straight to the bathroom. I could hear running water, so I guess she was getting that hot pussy ready for me, and I had seen her carry in a small clutch bag with her. I wondered to myself what was in that bag! As I waited for her to come out, I undressed. When the door opened, there was Connie, hair down, high heels, thigh-high tan nylons, no bra, and a pair of pure white Vanity Fair panties! All this was covered by a short, white almost see-through super sheer slip!

After some long kissing, and running my hands all over her ass, tits, and pussy, she told me to go down on her. Just as I had imagined, those deep thick pussy lips were full of panty. I sucked on her pussy, through the panties, as she told me what she wanted. After 15 minutes of this, and she had cum about 6 times, she told me to sit back. She then pulled out one of her used nylons, rolled it down over my throbbing cock, and proceeded to blow me like I never have been blown before! Just before I came she turned around, and told me to "panty fuck" her big ass through the panty and slip!

No second invitation for me! I got behind her, and burried my dick in the crack of her ass. She started bucking, groaning, and pushing back at me like crazy. How did my brother-in-law let this get by him? After about 10 minutes of this she pushed me back, squatted on my face, pulled aside her by now sopping wet panties, opened her cunt lipps, and face fucked me as I played alternately with her ass, and her tiny tits.

Connie came so many times, I lost track. Then she said "your turn". I put her on her back and mounted her. My dick was buried in the slippery, wet, crack of her pussy. It was shaved down below, but the top side was kind of hairy, so I could see the outline of her thick bush. I could hardly hold back as I watched my cock sliding up and down in the deep, thick, split of her sopping gash. Connie told me to cum however I wanted, as long as I had my hands on her panty and slip covered ass. That was it, with one shove, I was inside her cunt, panties and all, she watched as she bucked up against me and begged for me to fuck her harder. All of a sudden, she pulled my tongue into her mouth, and groaned a long, deep sigh. With that I came by the gallon, into her tight nylon lined pussy.

A dream "cum" true for me.! Since that time we have had a long wild love affair. We watch your videos, and visit your website, as we bring each other off. Thanks for all the enjoyment lingerie lovers panty art has brought to us!!!

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