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Bill Turlock's

Safe Sex with Panties

After reading a lot of the stories here I find that many guys love to shoot their load into already soiled panties that are in the laundry basket, or maybe they just jizz into them not caring if the owner of the undergarment discovers the stains and is shocked with such an intimate violation. For some of us that's not an option. I have been plagued with the dilemma that has faced men throughout the ages in figuring out how to enjoy ejaculating in a vagina without getting the woman pregnant. In this case: how to enjoy ejaculating in panties without getting them wet.

I grew up with my older sister and mother (the latter had a hawk eye for any stains when she did the laundry) and I loved pleasuring myself with their soft panties, slips and camisoles, rubbing and caressing my excited cock. The best part was always climaxing, but I could only do this into hankies and Kleenex, or inside my dark coloured PJs in bed at night, or just blowing my wad into thin air (the latter so cold and unsatisfying). I really loved the thought of feeling myself cum with the panties draped around my cock, or even enjoying an orgasm while wearing panties. I would constantly daydream and fantasise what it would feel like to experience the unique pleasure of coming inside a pair of silky panties, the sensation of the jizz splatting against the satiny inside panel or gusset, feeling the hot cum slowly dribble down the slinky nylon, soaking wetly into the microfibre and glazing up the lace!

So I started to experiment with the idea of "Safe Sex" with the many desirable panties belonging to my sister and my mother. Both had some really fabulous panties: my mother had a pair of exquisite white Vanity Fair panties, still in their original elegant gift box... they felt and smelt so good... and I had a page torn out of a Playboy magazine of a model wearing these same panties. I always loved looking at this picture when I jerked off. The stuff of erotic schoolboy fantasies! She had a couple of nice full soft nylon ivory briefs too. She even had an eye-popping pair of lilac-coloured panties - 100% pure silk with white embossed trim - imported from Great Britain, handmade (it would have been a woman who made them as no man could ever handle these panties without getting a raging hardon!) These silk panties used to make me ache whenever I saw them fluttering and shimmering on the clothes-line. My sister had a lot of tiny nylon bikini briefs in all kinds of colours and styles. They were all very sexy and soft beyond belief.

My tentative attempt at safe panty-sex was to sneak into the bathroom where the laundry hamper was. I'd lock the door and pick out a pair of my sister's nylon panties from the hamper. I remember the first pair well: they were a gold-brown shiny nylon pair with a black waistband. I got a wad of cotton wool from the medicine chest and two bandaids. I used the bandaids to 'tape' the cotton wad over the end of my cock, completely obscuring the hole. After making sure everything was secure I proceeded to jerk off with the panties placed over my shaft. The bandaids stuck onto the side of my cock were a bit more uncomfortable than I'd anticipated, but the overall pleasure was still good. I was so excited at the prospect of coming while still in contact with the panties (instead of whipping them away at the last second) that I came very quickly. Still, twenty seconds of panty-love is better than none at all. It felt so wonderful to cum while still rubbing against them. But I got a bit paranoid and kept my eye on the cotton wad for leakage as I came (which took the edge off the pleasure somewhat). Only a bit of jizz started to ooze past the cotton, but luckily since the main wave of orgasm had subsided I'd breathlessly pulled the panties away from my quivering cock. It was satisfying to throw the panties back into the hamper - unjizzed - with the cum soaking into the cotton wad instead (mind you, pulling the bandaids off my cock was somewhat painful!!)

As ingenious as I convinced myself that this was, I was determined to find an even more inventive (and a little less painful!) safe-panty-sex.

I reasoned that when I ejaculated it would spurt in a forward motion, i.e. wherever my cock-hole (eye?) was oriented. So I initially experimented with laying on my back on the floor, with my legs up on the sofa. Thus my hips were kind of at a 45 degree angle to the floor. I pointed my cock north, flat against my belly and experimentally jerked off with a hankie to see which way the cum would flow. As I came, I noticed that the cum would spurt directly towards my navel ... gravity conveniently doing the trick. Yet the hankie wasn't wet! Hmmm ... this could work in my favour laying like this while wearing and rubbing against a pair of forbidden panties.

So when I was alone one day, I raided my mother's draws for those wonderful Vanity Fair nylon panties. I put them on, as I have secretly done so many times before, feeling the cool slick nylon caress my cock, scrotum and buttocks. I lay on the floor, with my legs raised onto the sofa as before, and started rubbing my already hard and upraised cock through the sheer panties. I rubbed quite slowly as I was still nervous about this technique. After all, unlike the 'cotton wad' experiment, this time my cock shaft was in complete contact with the panties, only my cock head veered away slightly toward my belly button. Any careless movement as I came could cause my cock to press upwards and smear jizz on the clean forbidden nylon. So on I rubbed in slow ecstasy. Soon I surrendered to the pleasure and started to experience orgasm, I raised my hips to exaggerate the angle of my cock head away as I stretched the lovely soft fabric slightly away. It worked! As I thrust I could feel the cum spurt onto my belly but as I stared down I could see that the outside of the panties betrayed no wetness. Sighing with exhilaration I rubbed the sweet panties deeply against the base of my cock while I drained the contents of my balls onto my navel. God it felt so good. Here, however, I had to be really careful removing the panties. I waited until my hard-on subsided then I almost had to stand on my head while pulling the panties upwards over my legs, the semen running from my navel up to my chest. At least I didn't soil the lusciously soft panties and was able to return them safe and sound to their pristine gift wrapping.

Eventually I masterminded another safe-panty-sex technique that I still use to this day with my wife's panties (and even my sister and sister-in-law when over at their place). I came up with what I call my home-made micro condom. It involved tearing off a piece of cling-wrap film, about 8 inches square. Then I pierced a small hole in the center of the clingwrap, about half the width of my cock head. Making sure I was alone I then helped myself to the holy grail of panties: my mother's lilac 100% pure silk briefs. I pulled these on (words can't describe the feeling!) and when my cock was nice and hard (obtained after a mere couple of strokes with these lovely forbidden panties), I pulled my cock out of them to 'fit' my cling-wrap condom. I stretch the cling-wrap with the hole I made, over the end of my cock head positioning it just down to the edge of head, where it is nicely held in place courtesy of the fleshy aspect of the 'knob' (I am circumcised). Then I fold the cling-wrap forward like a closing flower and twist it several times to hermetically seal my cock-end in sheer waterproof film. Then I slip my cock back inside the panties and rub with the purest joy and abandon. This is the ultimate safe panty-sex for me, since I can't really feel the cling-wrap 'bulb' on the end of my cock ... the film being so thin (but strong enough) it feels like the actual silk itself caressing my cock head. I can rub and writhe into these slippery panties while looking at myself clad thus in the mirror. It is so erotic because it is easy to allow myself to believe that I am wearing the panties 'unprotected' so to speak. I generally rub for as long as I can bear, holding back the ever-impending climax, then I stop and inspect my makeshift 'knot' at the end of the cling-wrap in case it is unraveling or has moved. But most of the time it just feels so damn good that I rub until I cum... the silk so smooth and soft that I let out a long moan and explode in them as I climax. The cling-wrap does its job beautifully and contains the copious semen shooting from my cock as I rapidly stroke my upraised shaft up and down through the panties. This is a really easy forbidden panty-fuck, and into such a luxurious pair of panties at that! I only have to peel off the panties and my cock is in no danger of smearing them with cum. After my erection subsides I then simply pull off the cling-wrap micro condom and flush the evidence down the toilet.

I often carry a spare piece of cling-wrap, carefully folded in my pocket whenever I happen to be visiting those homes where I know the hostess has her lingerie laying around in baskets and so forth within easy reach. There is something very satisfying about masturbating to orgasm with a pair of panties belonging to a woman who you secretly yearn for sexually, and can then slyly return them to where you found them without a hint of any tampering.

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