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Bill Turlock's

The Neighbor's Lingerie Drawer

When I was young and my hormones were out of control, I had a crush on a woman who lived across the street from my parent's house. Her name was Sally, she was above average in the looks department but was a real bitch when it came to personality. Everything she did was very neat and tidy, and she was very strict with her children on keeping the house clean and neat. But what I found attractive about her was her long brown hair and feminine way of dress. She always wore a dress or skirt that showed off her sexy legs.

But what I enjoyed the most was getting a glimpse of her slip. I would always pop a woody when ever her slip was showing, the silky lacy garment would get me so horny. I would sometimes masturbate three times a day, fantasizing about holding one of her silky lacy slips.

Then one day my fantasy came true...

It was a hot summer day and I was over at my neighbors house swimming with her kids and some other friends on the block. I had gone into the kitchen when I noticed Sally was hiding a key under a small flower pot by the front porch. "Now could that be the key to the house?", I wondered. I didn't want to be noticed so I quickly went back outside.

The next day Sally came over to our house to talk with my mother. She looked so beautiful wearing this sexy white sun dress. As she was sitting on the couch I couldn't help to notice that the three bottom buttons were undone on her dress, and she was revealing this silky white slip! It was the best view of her slip I'd ever gotten. It had the sexiest lace around the bottom of it, and the nylon was shimmering against the light. I then overheard Sally telling my mother that she was going to take the kids to the zoo tomorrow. At that moment I knew this was my chance to try the key! This would be my only opportunity to hold and feel her silky slip.

The next day I watched Sally load the kids in the their station wagon. I was so relived to see she was wearing a pair of shorts and not a dress. That meant her slip would be inside. When they got in the car and drove away I decided to wait a while. I didn't want to take the chance on them coming back for some reason. So I waited for a half an hour, then made my move. I inconspicuously went across the street to Sally's house and went to the front porch. I lifted up the flower pot, and took the shiny new key. I inserted it into the door and turned the handle, the door opened without a problem. I went into the house and shut the door behind me.

As I walked down the hall into the bedroom I felt my heart beating 100 mph, it was very exciting! I walked directly to the dresser drawers in front of the bed. There were eight drawers to pick from, so I started from the left top and worked my way down. When I reached the fourth drawer I hit the jackpot! There folded in a neat pile were three silky half slips. My hands were shaking as I reached for the first slip on top of the pile. As soon as I touched it my cock went erect, the nylon was so soft and incredibility silky. I put it to my nose, it had the wonderful scent of her perfume. As I held it up I noticed it was the same slip I saw Sally wearing two days earlier, the lace was about 2" wide and was scalloped around the hem. I immediately pulled down my shorts and rubbed the silky fabric across my stiff cock, the sensation was incredible. As I stroked my cock I was fantasizing how I saw Sally wearing this same silky garment under her dress, and how wrong it was for me to be stroking my cock with it.

My thoughts had got me really excited and I had picked up the momentum. I then realized what I was doing and slowed down, I didn't want to get to excited and cum on her slip. She would surely notice something like that, being the type of person who was so neat and clean. So I laid the slip down on her bed. After doing so I noticed that there was a little wet spot on her slip! It was a small spot of pre-cum. I wiped it off immediately then put the slip back on the bed. I wanted to see what other slips she owed. There was a pink slip and a black slip. The black slip was similar to the white slip, very silky and lacy, but the pink slip was very sexy. It had 1" of white lace all along the hem and the same lace went up these two sexy side slits! I had stroked my cock with both of the slips, and was getting very horny. Then I got a little careless.

I was rubbing the pink slip back and forth along my cock looking at the way the pretty white lace outlined the silky pink nylon, when I felt myself starting to cum. The nylon felt so good against my cock I couldn't stop! As I got closer to climax I knew I had to pull my cock out of the silky nylon before it was to late. But my fantasy was much stronger than my morals and I started to cum in her slip. My cock started to pulse out big gobs of semen, I could feel the hot cum seeping through the silky pink nylon. After I was spent I looked down at Sally's pretty pink slip, it was a sticky mess. I must have shot out a pint of semen! After I saw what I had done I got really scared and wanted to get out of the house. I didn't want to spend any time washing out the slip so I just grabbed some tissue and wiped up the mess as good as I could. I then folded up the sticky wet pink slip and put it back in the drawer with the others.

Nothing was ever said to me although they had no idea I was in the house. And as for Sally's slips, I still caught glimpses of them from time to time, even the pink one.

And the memory me cumming all over her slip still gets me aroused.

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