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Bill Turlock's

My Cousin and Panties

Well here is the continuation I promised. These are real true accounts of what has happened to me.

One night a short while ago, I was talking with my cousin via the internet. She is only 5 yrs older than me and is very nice looking 5’7” about 120lbs and a normal size build. She does have a great ass! I was getting to talk with her personally and we started on the subject of sex. Her husband is a real jerk towards her he drinks, gets drunk you know the story.

Anyway, I asked her if I could tell her something in confidence. She said I could trust her (I had borrowed some of her panties a few years ago) so I told her about my liking to wear panties and pantyhose. At first she didn’t know what to say, so I tried to break the moment with some thoughts on how good it feels to wear them etc. Then she asked me if I had ever seen her panties.

By now I knew she was on to my taking hers so I first played dumb. Then she said “I have been missing 10 pair of my panties and they were my favorites!” So after she pried some more, I finally gave in and said yes I did take them and still have them.

At first I thought she was going to be irate, but then she had told me how she knew when each pair was taken and she always knew it was me. She thought at first it was revolting but then as time went by she liked the idea. I then asked her if she would buy me some. She asked what sizes and I told her. I said anything but cotton and thongs!!

Well she went shopping and let me know she had them. She said she was a little uncomfortable with doing this but I told her I would never talk about it with her again. So I went to pick them up, her husband was at work and the kids at school. We made lots of small talk I could tell she was nervous by her actions. So when I had to use the bathroom she finally got the bag of “goodies” out.

When I returned from the bathroom she said “There they are on the table – it’s 30.00 dollars.”

So I jokingly said “Did you want me to model them for you?”

She looked at me then said “ok”. I didn’t know she would say ok. So I took the bag and headed to the bathroom—she stopped me and said, “You will do this right here,” but here was the living room—the windows were right there and the houses are close.

She asked if I was shy or what so I opened the bag and looked at what she bought. All the colors you could imagine, she evidently found a “stock-up” sale!! So I undressed and cut the tags off the first pair which were a yellow hipster with lace inserts very nice. By now I was getting hard—just standing there in panties for her to see. So she handed me different pairs to try on all the while fully aware of my hard-on.

Finally she said this is my favorite pair and handed me a light green bikini pair with solid lace front and sheer back I put them on and she took her pants off to show me she was wearing the same! She said that the “ big bump” in the front of mine made them look bad. I said sorry and couldn’t do anything about it now. To which she replied, ”Oh yes we can!!”

We? I thought and with that she stood behind me and started to stroke me thru the panties. I said it was a little confining and she laughed and pushed me to the bedroom where she pulled out a blue pair identical to the green ones and released my dick from the confines of the panties stood behind me again and wrapped the panties around my dick placing the crotch right on the head. When I was close to cumming I told her and she went faster. Then when I did cum she “milked” every last drop out and took the panties and licked them clean.

She wants me to wear pantyhose next time and wants to give me a blow job with them on (I can’t wait). In the meantime she has been mailing me her panties so I will come in them and then mail them back. We have been doing this for about 3 months now. She just called to tell me she bought me some pantyhose…


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