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Bill Turlock's

Panties in Gym Class

Growing up I had much older siblings, one so much older that I actually have nieces and nephews my age. Well, one particularly hot niece left out a pair of pink polyester bikini cut panties after changing at our house while visiting...the first time I slipped on that pair of panties I knew I was hooked to the feel and the motion. The sensuous feeling, combined with the taboo fear and the realization she had been wearing them just moments before was so arousing that I knew I had to have them for myself. I never knew if she noticed them missing, or figured they just got lost, but I had and wore that pair of panties for a long time.

I carried around a lot of guilt and fear about wearing girl's underwear for a long time. I wondered if I were gay, but doubted it since I had no attraction to men. Finally I figured out I was a straight guy who liked to wear panties. Often I would put them on, masturbate, and when I was done feel guilty for a day or two, putting them away (but never throwing them away ;) until the urge got too strong again.

I "acquired" a second pair from her panty drawer a few months later while visiting her house, and later added a cousin's panties and a bra to the collection. Having gotten so excited by wearing them by myself I took the next logical step — wearing panties under my normal clothes. I would wear them to school daily, cleaning them in the bathroom sink when they needed it. On cold days when I could wear thick sweaters I'd wear the bra too — talk about erotic! It got to where I so enjoyed it I hated putting on my regular underwear, and often I'd just put it on for a little bit and dump it in the laundry bin at night so mom wouldn't wonder why I was wearing so little underwear.

Well, there was always one day I couldn't wear my panties to school. Gym day. We were all in seventh grade, and were new to the whole locker room idea, lol, plus the gym clothes we had to wear (a good Catholic school with uniforms, after all) were thin and white. But I knew wearing them to gym class would be a big risk. Of course, like any panty-wearing man, I found out that's exactly what gives me a huge erection, the chance of getting caught. I know if I did it would mean embarrassment and ridicule for months and years—I had no illusions or fantasies about it being accepted in the tiny town I lived in.

Well, careful as I was, I finally made an error. I had gotten up normally that day and slipped into a pair of Playboy signature pink (my favorite color :) satin bikini panties from my older sister's collection, gotten dressed and went to school. Sitting down in my desk with that little sigh of satisfaction as the smooth feeling of girl's underwear slid against my rear and dick, I suddenly realized it was gym day. I realized with growing fear that I had no way to get out and change before we all headed down to the locker room for gym class in a few periods. I was stuck.

I thought about trying to go to the bathroom and change (just as risky) or playing sick (which I was terrible at) and realized that even though I was scared, I was also exhilirated, and hot all over with a really hard cock at the thought of stripping down to my panties. So I sat and did my work, answered questions in class and behaved like usual up until gym period.

It was exciting watching the clock tick forward and realize I had no chance left to back out — it was time to hit the gym and bare all. I went down the stairs into the little locker room, filled with the fifteen guys in gym class. I stood over my bag for a moment, taking a deep breath. I turned and faced into the room and took off my pants, using the old bend at the waist and knees trick to bring my shirt down to cover the pink panties, while picking up the shorts I had left on the floor and pulling them up over. I then changed into my shirt. I was hard as a rock, and was sure someone had noticed. I looked up and realized in seventh grade we were all too shy to do more than glance around once in awhile. No one had noticed.

But that was only the start — looking down I knew what I would see...a faint trail of pink underwear showing through the thin white shorts, and I could feel panty lines showing on the back. Of course, I'm sure it occurred to everyone else, but didn't to me until then I could've just stripped the panties off with the pants and gone bare under the shorts. Too late now...changing again would be way too obvious. So we all trundled upstairs to the gym (it being winter we were indoors most of the time for gym class). I thought I felt people's eyes burning into me as we all filed into the gym. It was a coed class, so the girls were coming out of their room. Even though I was sure to be caught soon, the feel of silk was a constant reminder how hot panties made me, and kept me wound up.

The light in the gym was much more diffuse than in the locker room — I looked down to see no pink color eeking out from under my shorts...unbelievable luck, and maybe just a touch of disappointment (but only a touch, the realistic part of my mind knew getting caught here would be bad). We played some game I can't remember now for the requisite 40 minutes. I was getting a little more disappointed, but was still pretty aroused. It was near the end of the gym period and I was standing to one side of the game, resting for a moment next to one ofthe girls who had dropped out early.

I remember this little sequence very well — I was leaning forward, hands on my thighs, breathing pretty hard. She was to my right, just on the edge of my view. I had just tucked in my shirt after running off the floor for the rest break. As I stood there I noticed her looking over at me from the corner of my eye. I turned my head slightly to see what she was looking at and realized she was staring down at my shorts. My heart started beating even faster and my sweat turned cold as I realized I had tucked my shirt under the loose fitting panties as well as my shorts, and on the side she was standing the shorts were a touch down. There was a clear shot of the satin pink panties with a slight trim of lace and the playboy symbol on the side.

We were both frozen, her I assume trying to figure out if I was wearing panties, and me torn between fear and excitement, not wanting this moment to pass...needless to say, instant erection. For the first time in my life, I took a deliberate risk with this habit—I let her get a good long look at that side, and then when I reached down to fix the shirt, I exposed even more for just a brief instant—I gave her a clear shot at seeing almost the whole panty under the shorts before I covered it all up again. Then I looked at her, her eyes were still clearly on my shorts—and ran out onto the court again.

Gym class ended shortly thereafter and I used my waist-knee trick again in the locker room (only about half the guys showered at this early stage of gym class, the rest being too embarrassed to strip naked in front of everyone, so no one noticed that I didn't shower) and went back to class. After that, the thrill of being caught was too much to resist, I started wearing panties to every gym class—it was a lot more fun all of a sudden! Both because of my own tricks and just dumb luck, no one ever caught me again (that I know)...


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