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Bill Turlock's

Afternoon Lingerie Loving at my Mother In Law's

I am a 40 year old UK male who since my teens has been a lover of ladies underwear. Like most of your readers I started with my mother's lingerie, borrowing panties and bras to wear, feel, touch, smell and to come over as I lay in my bed. As I grew older and began relationships with girls my love of lingerie increased and I have indulged in many of my panty and lingerie fantasies over the years, stories that I will share with you in the future.

Last year after the death of my father in law, my mother in law went to stay with her sister for a few weeks. I was asked to call at the house to check out it was ok. Although I had known her daughter for 20 years it was the first time I had been given keys and been allowed in the house alone.

I do not need to tell you the first place I visited. Her lingerie drawer was easily found, but to my horror it was very neatly folded and immaculately packed in the drawer, unlike my wife who keeps her lingerie in a very untidy manner. I decided that I needed to be able to return everything in the order it was kept, but my memory is not that good so I went home for my video camera.

On my return I set the camera to record the layout so that I could be sure it all went back in the right order, then I set up the camera to video myself. Then I proceeded to try on every pair of panties, every bra, every slip and every other item in my 58 year old mother in law's lingerie drawer. I captured it all on video. I acted out a fantasy I had held for 20 years, I did everything I had dreamt of, rubbing her clean fresh bras over my hard and enormous cock, allowing pre cum to soak in to the clean white nylon cups of her 36c tit holders.

I pushed my cock into her panties time and time again, her slips were worn against my throbbing hard on as I walked around her room, like a slut wanting to be taken. I felt so feminine and so masculine at the same time as pre cum oozed in a silken fashion over the lingerie. An hour was spent in this erect state and then I decided to release my come in the way that I love best when I am making love to my wife's underwear.

I put everything carefully back in the order I found it, then I removed the drawer from the chest and lay it on her bed. I lay on top of the lingerie drawer allowing my huge hard cock to explore in to the lingerie between the nylon panties and bras and slips, it felt wonderful as I increased the rhythm and knew the point of no return was passed.

I grunted out loud as my come spat into my mother in law's clean, white lingerie, spurt after spurt soaked over the nylon and lace neatly folded as she left it in her private lingerie drawer. So much come as I shot my load on and on and on.

I was exhausted as I surveyed the scene of my wanton panty passion, wet come stains over all her lingerie, oh my God, how will I hide this? Oh my God my best ever panty wank, mmmmmm. I was able to clean it all up and she never said a thing after. Did she know? In a way I hope so, in another way I hope to God not.


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